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With 25 years of experience, SAT Smart's Ivy League instructors are the leader in PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP courses, Subject Tests and all high school subject tutoring.

We offer 12-hour small group SAT preparation courses ($449), private tutoring by Ivy League instructors, and college counseling services. Meet our Ivy League instructors here.

  • Ivy League Educated Tutors with Perfect SAT Scores 
  • Proprietary Strategies Taught
  • Directed by Susan Alaimo, Columbia University graduate and author of two books on the college application process

12 Hour SAT Prep Courses $449

What is Covered


  • Strategies are taught, and lessons are given, for all areas tested. SAT prep courses review: Reading, Writing and Language Skills, Math, and Essay Writing.  

  • Students work on official College Board exams. Each test question is demonstrated, step-by-step, and students get a score for each test section. Proven strategies are emphasized throughout the course.   

  • Instructor reviews every test question and models each math question on the whiteboard 




  • Ivy League Educated

  • Proprietary Strategies Taught 

  • Perfect or near-perfect SAT Exam Scores

  • Years of Teaching Experience 

  • SAT courses are held at the Hillsborough Municipal Building (379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough, NJ 08844) and Immaculata High School (240 Mountain Avenue, Somerville, NJ 08876)

Price and Dates


  • SAT Smart 12-hour courses include (4) three hour classes. Make-up classes are available. For the course schedule click here.
  • $449 is the cost of a 12-hour prep course including all materials
  • $799 is the cost for any two 12-hour prep courses which cover different material

  • Refund Policy: We offer students the opportunity to change their course session with a minimum of one week notice prior to the start of the first class. 

SAT Smart - SAT Exam Strategy Guide

Private Tutoring by Ivy League Instructors

What is Covered


  • Proprietary strategies taught for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP Exams and all High school Subjects 

  • Practice sections of official material with explantations given for every question

  • Techniques for writing a high-scoring essay



  • Ivy League educated 

  • Proprietary Strategies Taught 

  • Perfect or near-perfect SAT Exam Scores

  • Years of Teaching Experience 

  • Tutoring hours do not expire, but are non-refundable 

Price and Dates


  • Private Tutoring is offered in packages of 12 hours for $1,195, 18 hours for $1,695 (includes 1 hour free), or 24 hours for $2,195 (includes 2 free hours and the 2020 College Board book

  • Tutoring appointments are offered after school during the week and weekends 

Ivy League Instructors

Susan Alaimo - Director


Susan Alaimo is the founder and director of SAT Smart. She holds a Master's Degree from Columbia University and has successfully prepared thousands of students for the PSAT, SAT and ACT exams over the past twenty five years. Susan has also worked as a college professor and private college counselor and knows exactly what college admissions officers are seeking in successful applicants.  



Carrie is a Princeton University Tutor and Teaching Assistant who earned a perfect score (2400) on the SAT. She is a national AP Scholar, having earned perfect scores in Calculus BC, Chemistry, Statistics, Computer Science, US History, English Literature, French, and German. 

Carrie  has many years of tutoring experience and prides herself on personalizing each tutoring session to the student's individualized needs, helping each student significantly increase his/her scores. She enjoys working with students on writing and editing papers and college application essays. 

Tutoring Subjects: PSAT/SAT prep, Mathematics (all levels through AP Calculus BC), Writing, Literature, Computer Science and French



Adam, a Princeton University tutor, scored in the 99% on the SAT exam. He earned perfect (800) scores on the Math SAT section as well as the SAT II Chemistry and Math II exams. Adam majored in Computer Science and is working on certificates in Machine Learning and Applied Mathematics. He is a former National Honor Society tutor with experience helping students raise their exam scores significantly. 

Tutoring Subjects: PSAT/SAT prep, Math (Calculus AB/BC, Trigonometry, Algebra), Physics, Chemistry, and Environmental Science

Essay Editing Package - 12 Hours $1,495

What is Covered


  • Guiding students with brainstorming, writing & editing impressive essays 

  • Essays for the Common Application, supplemental college application essays, scholarships and high school/college essays and term papers



  • Ivy League educated editors, many of whom have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post and other prestigious publications

  • ​Dedicated to helping students hone their writing skills 

Price and Dates


  • Essay Editing Package cost: $1,495 for 12 hours 

  • Six 2-hour Sessions held in Princeton, NJ or over Skype 

  • Flexible appointments after school during the week and weekends

College Counseling by Susan Alaimo $4,995

Identifying the Ideal Colleges


  • Meet with parents and student to identify the student's distinctive strengths, passions, and college objectives

  • Research and identify best fit colleges and present list of 8-12 ideal colleges/universities

  • Recommend strategies to uniquely position student for a successful outcome 

Personalizing Essays


  • Help student identify the best essay question for college applications  

  • Work with student during private sessions to brainstorm, write, and revise an impressive essay and responses to short-answer questions 

  • Personalize the essay to appeal to college admissions officers at each individual college 

Filling out Applications​


  • Complete common application utilizing proprietary strategies 

  • Complete college-specific applications 

  • Guide students through all phases of the college application process including preparation of a resume and securing impressive letters of recommendation

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