"Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995" 908-369-5362 info@satsmart.com

"Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995" 908-369-5362 info@satsmart.com

"Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995" 908-369-5362 info@satsmart.com"Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995" 908-369-5362 info@satsmart.com"Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995" 908-369-5362 info@satsmart.com

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Malcolm Brunson


"SAT smart was great. I’d highly recommend getting Isabella or Caitlin as a tutor. When I first took my SAT I received a low score of 980. I was tutored by both Isabella and Caitlin over the summer where I was able to receive a 1450 on my second attempt. This was a 470 point jump and I was extremely satisfied with my score."

Jordy Behrje


"Highly recommend SAT Smart! My son signed up for a few private tutor sessions with Susan prior to the March SAT test- it did wonders! His score improved 230 points from his previous SAT test score. Susan knows her stuff!"

​​Kathy Negri


"I highly recommend SAT Smart for both private tutoring and for their College Application Service. My daughter greatly improved her SAT scores through private, one-on-one tutoring for the SAT. We then used SAT Smart to work with her on her college applications, and were amazed at the college acceptances they were able to secure and the vast amount of scholarship money she was offered. Thanks to Susan and her team, my daughter will be pursuing her dream of earning a nursing degree at a top college with a $100,000 four-year scholarship!"



"My son who is a straight A student was really struggling with the SAT's.  He had taken it three times and we could not get his score out of the 1100s.  After taking four classes with Susan he took the test again, and raised his score 200 points!!!  I cannot tell you how happy we are with SAT Smart.  He just completed his second set of classes and will take the SAT again in two weeks.  I can't wait to see those scores.   Susan and her team are wonderful and I cannot say enough good things about them. If your child needs help with the SAT this is the class and team of teachers you want!"

Janet Timari


"Fantastic local resource, my daughter had a 190 point jump in her score on her SAT's after this class. Instructor was knowledgeable and committed to her students. Price was very fair for services provided, highly recommend!"

George Ma


"My experience with SAT smart has been amazing! My tutor, Jessica, was not only qualified and a great teacher but she was also a very nice and friendly person. Unlike in school, sessions with her would fly by and two hours would be over before I know it. Jessica has significantly improved my SAT score and allowed me to become a more confident test taker. Additionally, Jessica went out of her way and helped me with applications and gave me wonderful advice. Just recently, I have even signed my twin sister up for tutoring because SAT smart’s tutoring is very effective. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for SAT prep to give SAT smart a try."

Craig Torres


"My son is a B average student and didn't have a great result with his first SAT (following a 6 week Kaplan prep course). But after 6 2-hour private tutoring sessions with Rea at SAT Smart, he improved his score by 190 points. We were thrilled with the results and my son was ecstatic. We highly recommend SAT Smart."

Jasneev Kaur


"Through the help of SAT Smart, I was able to achieve 40 points above my dream score and improve my overall score by 170 points! Nicolas was great at giving me personalized strategies and targeting my weak areas and strengthening them. Great service and hours!"

Gina Babbio


"I highly recommend Susan.  She helped our daughter with the college prep process with tutoring for the SAT, as well as helping her with filling out the college applications and essays for the 7 colleges she applied to.  She kept our daughter on track and kept the stress off of my husband and I.  All of her college applications were completed by August-September of her Senior year." 

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